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"If you laid all of the (PhD) economists end to end, to tell you which way to go, they would look like the spokes of a wheel."

Harry Truman

I know, I know, sophisticated progressives (both men and women) would say that they would not do that. But what they mean is that they wouldn’t CONSCIOUSLY do that. But I wonder to what degree progressives SUBconsciously still feel the need to help break “the glass ceiling” which has always kept women from rising to positions of real power. We don’t use the glass ceiling analogy when talking about Blacks, Hispanics, or Jews, etc., but it’s no different.

So if you have a tendency to want to vote for her to break the ceiling, please think about the fact that the ceiling has already been broken, never to be reconstructed. It was shattered in 2007, when a black AND a woman were the top candidates for president. There never had been a woman or a black person elevated to that status. So in a way, it should not matter whether Obama or Hillary won the primary, they both came so close to winning that in so doing broke the glass ceiling for minorities and women forever.

Furthermore, now we have a Jew and several Hispanic candidates having again broken the ceiling. Surveys show that the younger generation of Americans are even less prejudiced towards minorities and women that ever before. More and more women are now the CEO’s of large corporations.

So let’s forget about breaking the ceiling and just focus on who the the best candidate is regardless of gender, race, religion etc. It would be just as big a mistake to vote FOR a woman just because she’s a woman as it was in the past to vote AGAINST a woman just because she was a woman.


One Response to Don’t vote for HRC just because she’s a “she.”

  • HRC’s quest for the Presdiency has almost nothing to do with actual women’s issues…The REAL glass ceiling starts at $0.79 per hour…

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