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Monthly Archives: May 2016

This is a guest post from my good friend Mr. Geoffery DeWan of Boston and Los Angeles.

U.S. Suicide Rate Surges to a 30-Year High – The New York Times

From this article:
“But other experts pointed out that the unemployment rate had been declining in the latter period of the study, and questioned how important the economy was to suicide.”

I wonder what fatuous “other experts” the Times dug up to opine that “the unemployment rate had been declining in the latter period of the study”. This is a typical NYT ‘Shape of Earth, Opinions Vary’ meaningless statement. The rate has been declining exactly because those middle aged men who got outsourced, downsized and basically found they couldn’t find any work after several years of trying, simply gave up. Became what is described by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as “Discouraged Workers”. The suicide rate simply illuminates the real meaning of “discouraged”…

Someone like Lloyd Blankfein, far from “doing God’s work”, may yet live long enough himself to rue the day that he didn’t recognize the Sanders campaign for what it was- a last chance at a graceful transition from a disgraceful period in American history; when he and his cronies made $41 million taking the Central States pension fund to the cleaners, and the workers who had contributed honestly their entire working lives to lose a third to a half of the pensions they had planned and paid for:

How the Teamsters pension disappeared more quickly under Wall Street than the mob – MarketWatch The Mob are obviously rank amateurs compared to Goldman…

This scandal is the short and bitter trailer to the longer movie of what the Vampire Squid of Goldman Sachs (and indeed, the entire financial cabal that brought us 2008) has in mind when they speak of “reforming” Social Security.

As I said, the Sanders’ campaign was their last best hope of avoiding the pitchforks and torches which every day become more and more inevitable. It does leave one wondering what in the Hell the message was that Hillary was bringing to them in those speeches…

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